How to Hide your Dumpster from the Public Eye

To address how residential, commercial and industrial properties handle the presentation of their facilities, cities in the United States have been adopting “Appearance Standards” in the last several years. These standards specifically address mechanical equipment, generators, chillers, transformers, condensers and dumpsters. You no longer can simply place your dumpsters behind your property or use inexpensive fencing to conceal them.

Custom Made Dumpster Enclosures

Civic engineers are raising the bar and demanding that dumpster enclosures now complement the building and property respective envelopes. What does this mean? To complement the building envelope is to use similar building materials in the construction and appearance of dumpster enclosures as the exterior finishes of the buildings.

American Fence Company of Iowa City is the dumpster enclosure expert. Teaming with expert mechanical and architectural screening manufacturer PalmSHIELD, American Fence Company of Iowa City is offering professional-grade architectural finished dumpster enclosures. These dumpster enclosures incorporate a fully framed panel design with either horizontal vinyl, composite or aluminum tongue and groove infill planks, horizontal louvers or perforated screening. The frames and columns are structural aluminum with a smooth exterior finish that would complete any structure. All of the panels and posts are media blasted and powder coated. The infill is available in a wide array of colors and textures.

American Fence Company of Iowa City offers full packaged enclosures in solid screen, perforated and louvered options. To get your free quote today, submit an online request.