Fence Installation for Projects Both Simple and Complex

Many of American Fence Company of Iowa City’s customers hire us just to install their fence, but some customers want the full package. This job we worked on recently not only wanted us to install their wood fence, but also had us install an ornamental iron fence with self-closing hinges and a pool latch around their pool and a custom railing that was fabricated on site.

This already sounds pretty amazing, but it becomes even more incredible when you find out that the wood fence was a custom built 8’ tall cap board, board on board wood fence installed in a “stairstep” fashion. Each picket had to be precisely cut and all posts were set in concrete footings.

Custom 8' board on board wood fence with cap board

The custom railing is even more impressive because our installers used a pipe bender on site to get the radios, and all the welds were toughed up, primed and painted.

Not only is American Fence Company of Iowa City capable of a wide variety of fencing installation projects, but we’re able to vary it up with ease in the same project. We love a challenge and appreciate the extra spice projects like this add to our work day.

If you have custom fence project you’d like to get a price estimate for, or if you would like a straightforward, single-style fence would love to give you a free quote today. Give us a call at 319-512-7946 or schedule your own free estimate online today.